McCluskey's Room

by Nice Cars

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released September 7, 2018

Leads - Ben Zimmerman
Rhythms - Dave Chekan


all rights reserved



Nice Cars Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duo from Pittsburgh who play rock and roll.

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Track Name: Trouble
Does it feel like foggy weather
Does it feel like anything that you remember
Your heads in the clouds
Don't notice the ground
Soaking with rain
That you're still walking on

You can't tell her you’re sorry
You can't tell her you remember everything
When you promised her stars
But left her alone
Chasing the world away on her own

Trouble. Oh trouble. Trouble’s gonna find us here

It’s another weekend away. From the city and lights
Clearing your mind. Take in the nights
Watching the skyline for your plane to come in
Jet blast is washing out
But I’m still holding on

You can't tell her you wrote her
You can't tell her you still love her
When you promised her stars
But left her alone
Chasing the world away on her own
Track Name: Sirens
I can feel the problems. I can feel the monsters
I can feel your smile getting inside me
Cigarretes, silhouettes and I’m now
I’m drowning underneath this flow
Let’s live for the moments. We’ll make mistakes
What the hell are we doing here?

All I can say now is that I’m sorry
Don’t think anything today. No need to worry
About where I’ll be and where I’m gonna go
Sirens call wrecks my ship on the rocks below

Nobody’s around it’s just ourselves
Nobody’s listening, nobody’s listening
Tell me everything you want
Let your mind do the talking
So tell me what is underneath your skin
I want it all. I want it all. I want it all
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger
Anything you want, I promise
Track Name: Arm in Arm
Your face and this city. And the bar that we fell in love in
The winters spent here feeling so long and distant
Your hands getting cold. Sad to see the years that we spent alone
We were young and happy and never thought that we’d grow apart

Wedding invitations on the refrigerator
That we never attended, though we always meant to
Photos that tell only half of the story
Of the nights that we spent and the years that I owe you
Arm & arm we’ll bring this party down

Your heart. Swells true. Know the things i’ll never get to tell you
Your mom stopped by on a Saturday. It just lose it
Your head. Finally clear. No car of yours in the driveway
The patio lights and the nights that we missed all this summer.

(lyrics from The Hold Steady’s ‘The Weekenders’)
I remember the metal bar. I remember the reservoir
And you could say that our paths have crossed before
I remeber the OTB. The five second delivery
And you could say that our paths have crossed before
I think they know exactly what happened
I don’t think it needs any explaining
I’m pretty sure I wasn’t your first choice
I think I was the last one remaining
I wish we hadn’t gone and destroyed it cuz
I was thinking we could pull another weekender
Track Name: Bitter
Conversations I no longer feel like having
Where you're from, your spent dreams, small talk and the weather
Droning on how you've been to this place or another

Do our best to keep our heads on straight
Trying not to crush each other with our history to date
Settle down. Build a house. Start our social anxiety

I'm sorry that you had to hear it from
The other kids in the social network (dumb)
I'm never feeling right but that's an aside
The photographs and the 10 second videos
Tell the others what you wanted all them to know
Forgot about the divorce. Forget our fight for the kids

That house we never built has come undone
The fence around the backyard needed painted, son
I let weeds fill the yard. The neighbors took notice

We kept it in the house, away from prying eyes
Starting spilling over to the spot down the street
We let our friends all die cuz we’re just getting older
Track Name: McCluskey's Room
The pesticides, the alcohol
Spray cans and bottles
I Swear I've tried them all
But you’re not home, no you've not returned
Keeping your distance over your concerns
These empty rooms, these creaking stairs,
The distance is palpable in the air

Here I sit in these four walls we built
Did what they said, but I’m living with the guilt
They’re keeping me from seeing you
The success of plans trapped in McCluskey's Room

The dust has settled, now watch it collect
It's best we kept appearances when they looked
We tried to be clever, yeah we tried to be smart
Thought we’d maybe stay here Out here in the suburbs
We'd settle down. Host a party in summer
Learn to hate the neighbors or maybe each other
Track Name: Paranoia
Endless nights. Panicked dreams.
Stitching me together right back at the seams
Homicide. The cops won’t know
Bolt down the door starting to lay low

Paranoia sinking in
These thoughts won’t know what hit them
Lost and found. Never turned around
My world’s upside down

You want it all. I want it too
Smash thru the window and climb across the room
Hopped the fence. Spared no expense
Chase him thru dessert. My lungs about to burst
Track Name: Needed to Hear
living with regrets not the hardest
thing she ever had to come back from
a little more clearer.
these shoes werent the brightest. neither was the weather

wants to be anywhere but here
navigates the staircase.
music getting louder.
waitress comes around. guess she'll order another

she can leave. she says she knows it
whats to go back to? she met him in college
her lipstick's smearing. all for the better
night on the town. what she wanted to hear
bartender serves them a little bit harder
then what she was used to. orders cran and a vodka
starts to work. feeling less nervous
leaving in the morning, what she needed to hear

streets feeling emptier tonight
stumbling home. balance is right
she doesn't have to know it
does his best to not let her on

2am the scene is familiar
that's what he's here for. already face down
bets against advice she's heard
not the first. the moment slipping
Track Name: Sincerity
Sincerity gets lost at the door
Too late to say what you’re doing here
Tomorrow’s gonna listen
Tomorrow’s gonna know you better

Head still pounding. Feeling stupid. we argue in circles
Conversations must have gotten to you
Not okay with what i’m saying, what i’ve been doing
Sincerity’s lost at the door, I'm telling you

Where's our afternoons where's our endless nights?
Replaced with something bitter like these drunken fights
The situation is over-complicated.
The writings on the wall but we’re just trying to forget it (yeah)
I’m not jealous. It’s totally fine
Past the boundaries that are back in her mind
70 floors up, traffic is harder to hear
We’re jumping the balcony to know that it’s there

Hour rolls on. I”ve not not heard a word
Record must be broken to be keeping you
The silence is deafening. Too stubborn to admit it
We’re both just lying if we said we’ve not missed it

We’re holding on but we’re further yet
We don’t want to notice it’s our thirties that are closing in
Selectively willing to forget
Awake at 4AM from the words I’ve not said yet
Track Name: Blue
I’m running and running
I’m back in the black and my lungs in the jack
And I’m stacking the stack

When my foot hits the floor and
I’m out the door cuz
I can fight in this war

It’s a long, long, long, long road that leads me right back to you
I’ve been driving all night just to get back home too soon

I’m gunning. I’m gunning.
I’m rolling the dice

I’m loving. I’m loving
Ignoring everyone’s advice
Track Name: Rhythms
Tony’s got a letter. He knows who it’s from but
It’s smeared with mascara, soaking with rum
Stupid behavior, he looks past the words
Hopes he can answer to what he remembers
Her heads on the bar. Can hear her words slurring
3 or 4 more and morality’s blurring
Shocking she’s written from silence and time
Doesn’t care now if it’s just curses and lacking in rhymes

Eyes rolling over admit what is done
She pulls it together right back to square one
Say you don’t know the lines on my face
But it’s all I can do to remember the pace of your
Hips thrown around me. It lasts in the dark
Trust in too much. You don’t know who we are
Let’s hold on to substance. That’s all that is here
Doesn’t care now - it’s just the numbness is creeping in with the years

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